The Magical Saw is a group of illustrators of books for children. We are young artists who care a lot about the future of books for children. While upholding traditions, we strive to create a novel way to see books. The illustrators seek for a new language, experiment and are not afraid to be unconventional.

The Magical Saw confronts the pseudo culture of fast food, actively inseminated our days and spreading the bad taste of easy-to-consume meals. We believe that a good book should be sincere, simple, deep, soulful and astonishing. We present an adult perspective on books for children and create illustrations that are not a shame to show to children.
Several splendid cartoons created by Katya Lavrentyeva have appeared on site. 
Watch and enjoy: “Christmas Tree Carriers” (“Elkanosy”) 
“Christmas Tree with Pictures” exhibition in the Children’s center “Museon” starting December 15,
Exhibition “Theater of a Book. The World of Children Illustration-2” at the Kultproekt Gallery from April 16 to May 16